Pharmaceutical Cannabis at doctors and patients service

We’re defined by our values

Being the ideal partner for Patients and Doctors; providing the medical staff with high quality therapeutic solutions and assisting patients and their families with the goal of simplifying their access to Medical Cannabis of Pharmaceutical Quality

We dedicate ourselves to help patients who were unprotected due to the lack of access to products of Pharmaceutical Quality. Refractory epilepsy and a big part of Neurological Pathologies are very delicate in their treatment and of high impact in the family nucleus.

We’re a team of professionals that has developed big part of our careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The whole team sums up to more than 170 years of experience in the industry.


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LACE Congress 15/10/2020


CBD 100 mg/ml

35 ml / 70 ml - Oral Solution

  • API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)
    • Derived from aerial parts of Cannabis Sativa
    • Under the Good Agriculture and Collection Practice (GACP) standards
    • Elaborated with products certified by GMP certificate - emitted by the competent European Authority – providing Pharmaceutical Quality.
  • Excipient
    • Sesame Oil of Pharmaceutical Grade/quality
  • Vanilla flavor
  • Includes two graded dosing devices.
  • Relies on stability tests made to quantify the product quality throughout time and to identify the absence of impurities and degrading products.