We’re a team of professionals that has developed big part of our careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The whole team sums up to more than 170 years of experience in the industry.

We dedicate ourselves to help patients who were unprotected due to the lack of access to products of Pharmaceutical Quality. Refractory epilepsy and a big part of Neurological Pathologies are very delicate in their treatment and of high impact in the family nucleus.

When we started working in the Cannabis industry, there were no Cannabis based pharmaceutical products being commercialized neither in the USA or in Europe. The Law 3552 had been approved in Argentina at that time, which was oriented to generate R&D at a national level. Either way, patients with refractory epilepsy were not able to reach appropriate products to face the severity of their pathology.

Our mission: To be the most reliable and trusted Pharmaceutical Laboratory for Doctors and Patients. The one that provides innovative therapeutic solutions of Pharmaceutical Quality and high service to ensure a better life for the patients and their family.

Our vision: Providing the world an opportunity where Refractory Epilepsy does not prevent the human and social development of patients.


We’re confident that scientific investigation and clinic expertise will bring closer new treatments for pathologies based on new products. Patients’ health it is and will be our guiding light.


Executive Team

Our team is our biggest wealth. Coming from different backgrounds and academic formations, we share the intense desire and objective to apply all of our ability, experience and knowledge

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