How to use

Prepare the bottle to use Convupidiol for the first time


To open press down and simultaneously turn left (anti-clockwise)


Select the set of dosing device and adapter according to the recommended dosages by your Doctor. 1 ml or less: Thinner dosing device and its adapter. 1 ml or more: thicker dosing device and its adapter.

Save the dosing device that you don’t use in a safe place out of children’s reach. It is not a toy

Push the adapter firmly into the mouth of the bottle. Make sure the adapter is fully inserted. If it is inserted improperly, it may suffer losses of the solution.

Bear in mind that small pieces, like the adapters, will be out of children’s reach as there is risk of suffocation



Use this table to measure the adequate Convupidiol dosage to supply.

DosageHow to measure
1 ml or lessUse the dosing device of 1 ml (measuring the dosage from 0,1ml until the adequate volume given by your Doctor)
More than 1 mlUse the dosing device of 5 ml (measuring the dosage from 0,1ml until the adequate volume given by your Doctor) If it is more than 5ml see point 8.

Push the plunger all the way down and insert the tip completely in the adapter previously set on the bottle. 


Pull slowly down the plunger of the dosing device to extract the right dosage. See step 3 to check how to measure the dosage. Observe the line that indicates the adequate Convupidiol dosage suggested by your Doctor. Gently depress the pipette plunger until the required dosage is obtained.

What to do if air bubbles appear: If air bubbles appear, keep the bottle facing down and push the plunger until all the liquid goes back to the bottle. Repeat step 5 until the bubbles disappear.

When you reach the correct dosage, leave the dosing device in the bottle and rotate the bottle, ensuring the dosing device is facing up.


Remove the dosing device are fully, avoiding leakage from the liquid.

Taking Convupidiol


Put the tip of the dosing device against the inner cheek and push slowly the plunger until the end so that the full dosage of Convupidiol is administered.

Do not forcibly push.

Do not aim the medicine in the back part of the mouth or throat. This may cause asphyxia.

If the prescribed dose is bigger than 5 ml, use the 5ml dosing device and repeat steps 4 – 8 to complete the dosage.

For example, if you need a 6,0 ml doses:

  • Get 5 ml of Convupidiol in the dosing device and take it.
  • Insert the dosing device in the adapter again and get an additional 1 ml to complete the dosage.
  • Take the 1 ml to receive the final 6 ml dose.



Do not remove the adapter from the bottle. Clean it with a tissue to remove any leftovers that may remain in the surface. Throw away the tissue and close the bottle with its cap rotating it in a clockwise direction. The cap will adjust over the adapter.


Fill a cup with warm soapy water and clean the dosing device by filling it with water and removing it in another cup. Repeat this process at least 3 times.


Remove the dosing cylinder and wash both parts with tap water.

Do not wash the dosing device in the dishwasher.


To remove remaining water from the pipette and the dosing device, shake both parts and lay them over tissue paper on a small plate, dry and clean, and leave both parts to dry until next usage. Once both parts are dry save them along with the product.

Make sure the dosing device is completely dry before the next use. If there is water inside the dosing device, it can make the medicine look cloudy or emulsified. (small drops in the medicine)

Do not throw the dosing device.

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